3 things to consider when choosing a front door

  • July 26, 2016
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When choosing a front door, there are three things to consider.

1. The look:  The front door is a focal point when people drive by.  Every guest arrives and sees the front door of your home.  It needs to complement the home, but also be useful.

2. Security: Keep in mind that the door needs to be secure. If you don't have an alarm and have all glass surrounding the door, a would-be thief could smash the glass and unlock the door.  Keep in mind the security of your home when changing doors.

3. The Use: How you use the door determines the configuration and the hardware.  If you  want to enter through the garage, you may not want to add an electronic lock to the front door.  If you have extra large furniture, you may want to consider a double-door configuration.

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